If you decided to ask your friends or family to describe art, what do you think they would say? Would it be the same definition across the board? Actually the answer that is it would be highly unlikely. Art is subjective and varies person to person. It is undefined and open to interpretation.

Walking through a museum on a Saturday afternoon I glanced at the gallery artwork and began to really think about the story behind the dynamic aesthetic of art. At one point certain artwork techniques were introduced to art community and met with some kind of resistance or doubt. Once upon a time it was all new. It made me relate on some kind of level about the innovations in the art world today. Today digital art is making its grand entrance into the world and introducing an entirely new frontier of unconquered territory that hasn’t been entirely accepted in the art world.

Digital art reintroduces the conceptual belief that art does not necessarily have to be on a canvas or in a lavish art gallery surrounded by art work that dates back to hundreds of years. When I explained to my artsy family and friends about the possibilities of fusing digital media and classical painting I was met with dubious expressions and what can only be chalked up as disbelief. A few of those I confided to volleyed back that they believed I was cheating the creative process and furthering the decadence of expression in art. In short they accused me of replacing my own skill with the stale emotionless machine to create for me. I will admit I was taken aback and slightly stung by the initial backlash that accompanied my decision to try something new. I realized that I was going to have to show them just as the past artists showed the art community that innovation should be better embraced. I was going to continue to create and educate the rest of the community about why fusing tradition and innovation would be the best marriage of art to thrust us further into the future.