Do you love art but need help with the execution? Maybe want to try a new technique? Delving into the world of technology and art fusion can be daunting and quickly overwhelming for first time users. We all face the initial “where do I start?” as well as the age old question of “how do I even do this?”

I had to start somewhere myself. If you are or were technologically challenged as I was you can understand the struggle of overcoming the learning curve that my kids seemed to pick up just fine as I lagged behind in confusion of how to even start my own computer. Learning about digital art was a new challenge that at first felt as if I was metaphorically cheating on my classical art techniques. I guiltily hid my adulterous art affair from friends and family. After a long hard look at what I wanted from myself as an artist I decided to make my love for digital art public. In the art world digital art is still fairly new and expanding so the learning process required a lot of research on my end.

The best teacher I have found so far that is readily available, free, and quite thorough has been the Internet. Yes, the Internet in all it’s infinite wisdom. The best tools you can use are the art tutorials that can be found online. These interactive videos range from smaller lessons to in depth tutorials on digital art software. The digital art lessons are posted by professionals, amateurs, and experimenters alike who are likewise engaging in demonstrations that can accessed by users from all over the world. I will admit these resources have been invaluable so far in my Graphic Art studies as well as my recreational time when I want to try something new. As you become proficient in digital art you can post your own videos.