Who am I? By now it may or may not have crossed your mind concerning the author of this blog. Well my fellow readers please let me enlighten you a little further about how I came to be here. I was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. As a child I always had the urge to create and fascination with color.

I grew up in an impoverished home that couldn’t afford me the materials so I began to search for alternatives to use to create. I would search for materials from everyday things and turn them into the tools needed to execute what I wanted. I would use my skills and talents throughout grade school to make trades with my classmates or raise a little extra money on the side to buy more art supplies. When I was 18 I moved to the United States to be able to work and maybe eventually pursue college. I was lucky enough to meet my husband and we were married soon after. I became a mom of two while my husband went to school and worked to provide. While raising my children I made sure to instill that same creative tendencies I grew up with into their lives.

I always wanted to go to college for my passion and I was recently given the opportunity to pursue a degree in Graphic Design. I chose this because it was a fusion of our modern world with the classical idea of art. I will admit it was quite the struggle coming from a classical art background and making the transition into digital mediums but everyday I learn something new about myself. It was an obstacle worth overcoming and I’m only looking forward to learning more about the technological world. I can now proudly tell run circles around my kids when it comes to computer software 😉 The journey thus far has been amazing and I cannot wait to share it with my

-Paula Cortese