Painter, Illustrator, Graphic Designer

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Paula Cortese began painting at a young age that only blossomed throughout adulthood into her passion for the fine arts. She currently resides in Florida with her husband and two children. When asked about her inspiration she replies ‘I am most inspired by emotion, romanticism and nature. I find raw emotion to be a glimpse into the essence of the human psyche.’ Paula Cortese is proficient in painting (oil and acrylics, ceramics), sculpture, and mixed media. Her works are often inspired by Gustav Klimt’s mosaic style mixed with raw emotion. She was awarded first place in the Digital Art Show hosted by Seminole State College in 2013 and received two-second place awards in 2014 for her digital paintings. Most recently, she was honored as the feature artist for the Red Hot Mama show at the Leesburg Center of the Arts. In the future she aspires to travel abroad to be able to see the beautiful works of art that have inspired her throughout her journey.


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